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How To Avoid Shady Contractors

Over the years I have been hired by homeowners who handed over tens of thousands of dollars to contractors who then either did a very poor job or never actually finished the work they were contracted to do. They bring me in to document the work that has...

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Thermal Imaging and Why You Need It

Early in my career, part of the inspection would include me studying walls and ceilings – looking for any indication of moisture intrusion or active leaks. Hints like staining or ripples in paint or drywall would prompt me to place my moisture detector...

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The Mystery of the Broken Furnace

Last week I woke up to a freezing home. My first thought was “now what?” as I ran down the stairs to check the thermostat. The thermostat was set at 74 degrees but the current temperature in the home read 63. When the furnace is not working, many times...

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