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Mold Assessment

Mold problems in a home aren’t always visible.

In fact, more often than not, mold is hidden underneath flooring, behind walls, and above ceilings. To identify a mold problem, you have to know what conditions to look for and where to find them. That’s why you need a professional mold inspection. Thankfully, Tech-Smart Inspections, LLC, is here to help in the Capital Region. A licensed mold assessor, we can provide comprehensive mold testing as part of a pre-purchase home inspection or as a stand-alone service.

With our commitment to attentive customer service, efficient turnaround, and quality work, we’re the go-to mold testing company in Albany, Saratoga, Troy, and beyond. To schedule an appointment for your home mold inspection, call or email us today!

How Our Professional Mold Testing Works

When you hire Tech-Smart Inspections, LLC, as your mold inspection company, you can expect the utmost professionalism at every stage of the process.

We will conduct a thorough mold assessment of your property, evaluate the scope of mold present, and create a plan of action for remediation. During the mold testing and inspection, we will look for obvious signs of mold, including visible mold growth and musty, mildew-y odors. In addition, we will also look for structural red flags in hard-to-reach places that could indicate a mold problem, such as:

  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Damp foundations and/or basement floors
  • Downspouts that aren’t draining sufficiently away from the house
  • Negative grading that brings water closer to the foundation
  • Condensation on windows and other surfaces

After the visual mold inspection, we will also take surface and air samples to be tested by a lab.

Mold Remediation Plan

If it turns out you do have a mold problem on your property, we will produce a detailed mold remediation plan for you to give to your third-party mold remediation contractor.

As mandated by the New York State Department of Labor, mold inspectors cannot also be remediation contractors, and vice versa. Moreover, contractors cannot perform any work without a detailed remediation plan documented by a licensed mold assessor. This is for your protection as a consumer, as it minimizes potential conflicts of interest.

Mold visibly showing on a ceiling inside of a home.
An example of what mold in a home can look like.
Therefore, our remediation plan will be your contractor’s blueprint for what is to take place during the remediation process from beginning to end. It will be based on the findings of your house mold inspection and include the following details:

  • List of equipment and chemicals to be used
  • Specific rooms to be cleaned and treated
  • Estimated timeline
  • Estimated total cost

Book Your Mold Assessment Today!

As a licensed home inspector, mold testing is something we believe isn’t done enough by home buyers. Not only can it be a useful tool in negotiating the sale price or closing costs, but it can also alert you to expensive problems that you may not want to deal with at all.

Knowledge is power. Find out what’s lurking inside your home—call or text our certified mold inspector at (518) 522-1449 for an appointment today!