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Thermal Imaging and Why You Need It

Early in my career, part of the inspection would include me studying walls and ceilings – looking for any indication of moisture intrusion or active leaks. Hints like staining or ripples in paint or drywall would prompt me to place my moisture detector on the area to see if it’s active or historical (damage that was left from a leak which has since been fixed). But what often happens is the seller of the home will bring in professionals to sand over these ripples and paint over these stains, which makes my job a lot more challenging. That’s why I invested in a high-tech thermal camera.

Thermal imaging helps see differences in temperatures of any surface and when I see water in walls and ceilings it reads as a noticeably darker cloud on my camera. It’s remarkable how a seemingly normal looking area can be filled with water from a leaky pipe or roof.

But wait! There’s more! Lol, this camera is so freaking cool. Thermal imaging also helps tell me if there is missing insulation, overheating electric panels, heat loss in doors and windows or even breaches in duct work. If you are shopping around for home inspectors, make sure that they use this technology. It’s just that important.