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Pest and Termite Inspections

Detecting Unwanted Visitors

Wood-destroying insects like termites are usually the last thing on someone’s mind when they fall in love with their dream house. Unfortunately, though, these tiny insects may go unnoticed by the current owners for years, doing invisible but significant structural damage to your potential home. That’s why a wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspection is a vital aspect of your general home inspection.

At Tech-Smart Inspections, LLC, we give Albany-area homebuyers peace of mind by conducting thorough termite and pest inspections in conjunction with our professional home inspection services. We know exactly what to look for, and if there’s any evidence of termites or other wood-destroying insects, we’ll find it.

What’s Involved in a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection?

A pest inspection is a visual inspection in which our inspector scans both the interior and the exterior of your property, looking for evidence of a pest invasion (past or present).

At Tech-Smart Inspections, LLC, wood-destroying insects are what we focus on, as these are the pests that pose a threat to the structural integrity of the property itself.

Examples of wood-destroying insects that are commonly found in the Capital Region are:

  • Subterranean termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Powder post beetles

During your WDI inspection, we’ll examine the inside and outside of the house and look for things like:

  • Wood floors that are blistered
  • Wooden frames, beams, and other structures that have been hollowed out
  • Termite wings, which indicate a recent swarm
  • Mud tubes in the soil where the ground meets the house

These are all visual clues that point to a possible infestation. We’ll include them in our detailed, written WDI report so you can proceed with caution.

Trust us—you do not want to purchase a house without having it fully inspected for termites and other wood-eating pests first. Book a WDI inspection with us today and get a closer look before it’s too late!

Our prices range based on our service bundle discounts as well as the scope of work that you require. Please call or text 518-522-1449 for a free quote.