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We have all heard horror stories about the home buying process. While it can be exciting, it can also be incredibly stressful – especially when you’re not sure whom to trust.

Once you find your dream house, one would think the final hurdle is the inspection, right? Well, the answer depends on the quality of home inspector you choose to trust. How many of us know friends and family who moved into their new home, only to find out they would have to spend major amounts of money on repairs they didn’t expect— all because they didn’t have a top-notch inspection from a reputable, trustworthy, and expert professional? A good inspection can make the difference between having your home move-in ready and totally safe for you and your family, or having a series of costly repairs and investments that you are going to have to pay for without any help from the previous owner.

That’s a lot of trust to put into a home inspector— trust that we will work diligently to earn and keep. My philosophy is simple. I inspect every house with the same thorough process that I would if my family and I were moving in. I look forward to taking a closer look at your new home.

Morgan Pellitteri
Licensed Home Inspector
Certified Mold Assessor


Licensed Home Inspector, #16000112594
Licensed Mold Assessor, #MA02297


138 Washington Ave, Suite 1A
Albany, NY 12210

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